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Check out the new offerings on the Hour of Code website!! It's a great chance to try many coding programs for free! Just choose the yellow Try It button on the webpage. These are just a few...

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As a parent do you want to keep up with changes in the media? Common Sense Media is an excellent resource for what's going on in the media and online when it comes to your kids.


abcya Educational games for K-5

Starfall - Phonics, ABC's, math

Sheppard Software- Games and learning

PBS Kids Games, printables

Tucoola Games for Preschool kids

Brain Pop Jr. - learning, video and fun activities for kids


Dance Mat Typing - keyboarding program

Fun to Type - I love the keyboarding ninja game!

Free typing games

Minecraft - A sort of digital legos with animals and monsters

Puzzlemaker - free puzzle maker, word search, mazes

BBC Educational Games Age specific games and topics

GeoBee Quiz- National Geographic Test your knowledge on a daily GeoBee Challange.

Free Games, Templates, Clip Art & Activities for kids

Xtranormal - website for making movies

Sheppard Software- Games and learning

Kerpoof Studio - creative fun and activities for kids

Discovery Kids

Pete's Power Point Station


Khan Academy - videos and learning resources, Test Prep

Ed Helper Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science...

WolfrumAlpha - Computational Knowledge Engine

Mrs. Fucoloro's wiki page

Mrs. Brawley's email

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